WordPress_API’s tutorials introduction and usage

The WordPress API stands for the WordPress application Programming Interface. It can be separated into more than one API sections / themes. Each covers the features concerned in and use of a given set of functionality. Collectively they type what probably known as the WordPress API, which is the plugin/theme/add-on interface created by way of the complete WordPress task.

Actually there are 17 types and usage of  API,If you happen to’ve read by means of all of those you should have a just right feel of tips on how to lengthen WordPress via Plugins.You can check api’s tutorials below:


  1. Dashboard Widgets API
  2. Database API
  4. File Header API
  5. Filesystem API
  6. Metadata API
  7. Options API
  8. Plugin API
  9. Quicktags API
  10. Rewrite API
  11. Settings API
  12. Shortcode API
  13. Theme Modification API
  14. Theme Customization API
  15. Transients API
  16. Widgets API
  17. XML-RPC WordPress API