Ex-NYPD cop describes harrowing moment he drove out man's.

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    A former NYPD police officer has changed career paths to become a religious demonologist – where he travels around the country performing ‘minor exorcisms’ to rid homes and people of evil spirits.<br>Chris DeFlorio, who was a cop for 19 years and retired because his exorcist career started booming, revealed some of the most haunting encounters he’s had, including when he saved a man from his demonic curse in . <br>The ‘possessed’ homeowner had previously bought an antique dresser, which had used Tarot cards inside.

    He then hired a spiritualist to burn the cards in his fireplace – which DeFlorio believes caused the demon to attach itself to the Victorian home.<br>Along with his wife Harmony DeFlorio, Chris travel across the country helping families – free of charge – with spiritual issues ranging from their house being haunted to a demonic possession of a person.<br>Their grateful clients have described the duo as heroic first responders – who try to save haunted people living in debilitating fear. <br>He told DailyMail.com: ‘I’m the one that goes in first and determines what is going on, and if it is demonic activity or not.

    I do what you would call Catholic House Exorcisms, of demonically infested homes and in the lives of people.<br>’I don’t go to haunted buildings looking for adventure or to speak to some spirit. I rid the spirit from the lives of the victims and bring them peace through God – different from what is seen on television.'<br> Chris and his wife, Harmony DeFlorio (pictured) travel across the country helping families- free of charge – with spiritual issues ranging from their house being haunted to a demonic possession of a person<br> The cardiologist who lived at this country-style farmhouse (pictured) located in Portland, Maine believed he was possessed by an evil spirit that inhabited the home.

    The property sits on a parcel of 10-acres, complete with in-ground pool, tennis courts, is surrounded by woods is very private with no neighbors in sight <br> The antique dresser-desk that the homeowner had purchased at a thrift store had used Tarot cards in them that Chris DeFlorio believes may had invited the demonic spirit into his home   <br>One of his most terrifying cases happened in Portland, Maine when Chris and Harmony traveled to a home where a cardiologist lived.

    The man believed he was possessed and that the country style farmhouse he owned was cursed.<br>The grand home sat on a parcel of 10-acres of land complete with in-ground pool, tennis courts and woods all around with no neighbors in sight. <br>According to Chris, this evil force had tried to physically hurt the man several times – trying to push him down a flight of stairs in which he suffered a bad injury to his hamstring. <br>Another time, the spirt he possessed tried to run him off the road when he was driving.<br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    Sean Douce, 43, a communications specialist from New York and childhood friend of the homeowner told DailyMail.com that he went to visit his friend for a weekend getaway and was terrified when he experienced the haunting first-hand.<br>’There were lots of weird things happening in the house.

    Poltergeist activity,’ he said. <br>’The security system went on and off, objects flying. My friend was embarrassed by this. It wasn’t something he would talk about. He didn’t want anyone to think he was crazy.'<br>He added: ‘You know when someone is embellishing a story – well this is real.
    He just wrote it off like there was something in his house that was trying to kill him.'<br>Douce recalled a horrifying event he will never forget. It was when the pair were driving home from dinner.<br> The stone fireplace (pictured) shows where the Tarot cards that were inside one of the drawers in the antique dresser had been burned by a spiritualist that the victim had originally called  <br> The homeowner suffered a hamstring injury after he was pushed down a flight of stairs (pictured) in his home that he believes was occupied by a demonic spirit <br>’We were on a two-lane highway, my friend started driving erratic.

    We were going to either drive into traffic or off the road. I asked him, ‘What is happening? What are you doing?'<br>’My friend said, ‘There is something in me that is trying to kill us then I started yelling, ‘Stop the car! Stop the car!
    I will drive.”<br>He added: ‘I don’t know if it was a devil but it was some spirit. I saw my friends  personality change that made him want to try to drive off us off the road.'<br>Douce told DailyMail.com that he went upstairs to the room he was staying in and his friend stayed behind in the living room. <br>As he was resting, he started hearing guitar music and than he said that it wasn’t his friends voice singing but heard multiple voices. <br>He asked his friend: ‘What is happening with you?

    What is going on?’ My friend said, ‘I just picked up this guitar and said I know it sounds weird, but I feel like someone is moving my hand when I play the song. I am learning new songs I didn’t even know how to play.'<br> DeFlorio was a police officer with the NYPD  for 19 years before he retired in 2020<br>’I told my friend that we would talk about it in the morning that I was going to bed.’ <br>’I was freaking out.

    I didn’t sleep the entire night. I had Christian music playing the whole time just to calm me down.'<br>Douce added: ‘I was fearful for him spiritually. I just went in there blind. Everything in my spirit was telling me just to get away.
    This is not a good place for you to be at right now even though he needed so much help.'<br>He told DailyMail.com that he knew about DeFlorio through a mutual friend.<br>Douce contacted Chris, and a week later he and Harmony traveled to Maine and they performed what he described as a ‘minor exorcism’ on his house.<br>’He was demonically possessed, the demonic inhabited him,’ Chris revealed to DailyMail.com.<br>’I don’t do exorcisms.

    I call on exorcists when I need them. This turned into a case of demonic possession before our eyes. Unintentionally, he brought the demonic spirit in someone came in and burned the tarot.’ <br>The pair stayed for two days investigating with equipment and performing exorcism prayers.
    Soon after things began to change and all the demonic activity in the house stopped.<br>’The healing was instantaneous,’ Chris said. ‘He said the victim felt different like a light was shining on him.’ Douce agreed and said it was a miraculous healing.<br>’As a doctor he cannot even explain himself –  a kind of a medical anomaly – everything stopped and it went away,’ Douce said.

    ‘He had some operations planned and he no longer needed them.’ <br> The ex-cop turned religious demonologist, Chris DeFlorio (pictured) walks through the farmhouse in Portland, Maine assessing the area that is believed to be haunted<br>  An image of one of the dark rooms in the Portland, Maine home.

    Chris claims that he removed the demonic spirits from the man and the house<br>The man, who hadn’t spoken to his ex-wife and kids for a long time, suddenly called him.<br>Chris explained that a demonic spirit has to be invited in, and in this case, the spirit may have entered his home from some antique furniture the man had bought at a thrift store that had some negative or evil energy attached to it. <br>’The truth is that you never know what kind of people held ownership to it before you,’ he said.  <br>’The victim bought this very old antique looking dresser-desk.

    That can be very dangerous alone, but what was inside was the key and what was done to the items inside was what I believe to be the key.'<br>Inside the desk were old looking Tarot cards which had been used many times.<br>’So the question is why were they left there and what was the purpose of them. Where they owned by a person just playing with or a witch conjuring up something?'<br>Chris said the victim brought over a spiritualist to get rid of the Tarot cards.

    This person actually burned the cards in the fireplace which brought on the demonic spirit.<br> The pair stayed for two days investigating with equipment and performing exorcism prayers.

    Soon after things began to change and all the demonic activity in the house stopped<br> The cardiologists’ home in Maine.

    The homeowner believed had been possessed by a demon<br> A close-up of one of the compartments in the wooden antique desk dresser the homeowner purchased at a thrift store that had used Tarot cards left in it<br>’The burning of the cards released what was attached to them and set them free around the house and attached the energy to the victim,’ he said.<br>The man’s friend said his faith was beyond renewed after that weekend.<br>’The curse was lifted,’ he said. <br>He said his friend eventually sold the house and moved out of state.<br>’I just spoke to him,’ Douce said.

    ‘He’s retired. He is back in church. Things have completely turned around for him.<br>’Chis and Harmony are first responders – just like firefighters running into a burning house. I was running out of it. They gave me back my faith and we went back in there to make it right.'<br>DeFlorio said he got so busy with people needing his services due to demonic activity that that he retired a year early from the police force. <br>’People who call us are people who are in extreme fear and have their life turned upside down by a spirit in their home,’ he said.

    ‘It ranges from young people to families to the elderly.'<br>

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